Driver’s Licence and Courtesy/Hire Car Information

From 8th June 2015 the paper counterpart of the UK photocard driving licence was abolished and consequently it no longer has any legal status. Although the ‘old-style’ paper licence (issued prior to 1998) remains valid, driving offence details will no longer be written or printed onto the document. Instead all information will now be recorded electronically and this will be the only accurate account of any driving endorsements a driver will have.

We recommend that driver’s licences should be checked at least once a year and some insurers have introduced this as a condition within their policy wordings. Prior to driving, any convictions disclosed should then be cleared with insurers and where there are serious convictions, or a number of relatively minor convictions, Insurers may apply additional terms (e.g. increased policy excess for such drivers). As you can no longer use the information shown on the paper licence or photocard counterpart the government have implemented an on-line system allowing information to be obtained by the individual and also shared with his/her employer. The following process should be followed:

Action by the Driver:

  • The driver needs to log into and enter their driving licence number, national insurance number and home post code.
  • The driver should choose ‘Share your licence information’ top right hand of the screen.
  • The driver should then choose the option create a code. Once the code is generated, you will then be able to access his/her driving licence details for 72 hours. Please note this code can only be used once.

Action by the Employer:

Alternative Action:

  • When the driver goes through the above steps to obtain the access code there is the option to open, print or save the licence information. This is dated so a snap shot of any conviction details are shown and a hard copy provided to you or saved and emailed.

I hope you have found this useful. You may need to use it yourself if for example you are hiring a car where the same process will be applied.